11 Answers Why A few Ladies Discover Love While Others Don’t

11 Answers Why A few Ladies Discover Love While Others Don’t

11 Answers Why A few Ladies Discover Love While Others Don’t


Sometimes, we wonder why some women who are more successful, rich and beautiful, find it difficult to find love. You need not wonder much anymore as we have the answers to the reasons why some women find it easier to find love while others find it difficult to find love. We have 11 answers why a few ladies discover love while others don’t. –

Not writing him off too early

Most couples don’t fall in love at first sight. Attraction frequently comes over a bit of time. Believing that he isn’t attractive or that he’s just a friend before you’ve given him a chance can be premature. Most couples are shaped from friendships and people spending time together before deciding whether they are attracted to each other or not.

Acceptance, make him feel accepted

Men are attracted to others who make them feel accepted. A woman who won’t expect too much from him or the way he acts, what she wants from the relationship or the gifts she gets from him. He wants life to be easy going, so naturally, will want to be with someone who can keep it that way.

Independent/ Make him feel required

Men can find independence attractive in a woman. We all know that being too needy can be a turn off. But did we know that being independent can be a turn-on? Coming off as independent has a way of making men think she needs to be chased, and men just need an invitation to do the chasing.

On the other hand, some women are the opposite. This can also be a turn-on to some men. There are men around who want to take care of their woman, and a more dependent woman can touch his masculine, heroic, loving side.What can be useful is a balance and clear distinction of both traits.

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This is often a forgotten quality that men find attractive in women. When it comes to her emotional intelligence and the way she manages issues that come up, men can find a stable and level-headed woman attractive. Men aren’t going to like drama and do like to keep things easy going, so this is why they want a stable partner.

Gets along with friends and family

At times a relationship doesn’t just have to do with the two involved. Like it or not, family and friends get added to the equation. This means that most of the time it’s not just about the chemistry between the couple, but how well she fits in with family and friends. Where people may go through lots of relationships in life, friends and family are more lasting. So when it comes down to who doesn’t fit in with his life, he picks the more reliable factor, his friends over her.

Fits into his approach to life

Chemistry doesn’t always have to do with two individuals, but with his way of life. Many factors can come into play, his financial situation, their aspirations, vacationing, mobility, people he associates with, and other variables. This means that two people’s lifestyles will affect their chemistry and attraction towards each other. Now and then it really doesn`t have to do with her or anything she did, it was just that she didn`t fit into his lifestyle.

The right time in their lives

Timing is everything in life. The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing. Love happening is related to the right timing in life. When; professions, feelings, ambitions, and biological clock’s pair just right. Where everything lines up just right in both of their lives, that’s when love will happen.

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It has to do with luck

Whether it’s that they met the right people, or have a lot of connections, luck can now and then be the final dynamic. Is it luck, or just getting out there and meeting the right people and making yourself as available to meeting as many as possible.

They have the right friends

Friends and family who have paired them up well. They could just be lucky enough that when her friend met the right man for her, she was thinking of matching them together. Sometimes life isn`t about your own abilities, but who you know in life. Getting the word out to your close and trusted friends can help in pairing you up, as they may know just the right man for you.

Looking in the right place

Finding love can be very much like fishing. If you’re fishing in the ocean, you’re not going to catch a fresh water fish. Finding love means hunting for love in the right places. If the qualities you’re attracted to are class, and intellect, then your odds of finding him are better off in a library than in a club. Hang out in places, and join activities where he’ll most likely be found. Looking for him in the wrong place is just going to throw away your time and could even distract you with the wrong kind of guy.

Women have different measures on attraction

Women and men have different measures on what they find attractive. On top of which, everybody’s different. This means that people can have totally unique standards on what they find attractive about the opposite sex. This is even truer when it comes to the personality traits that people find attractive in others.

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We have exhaustively explained to you  11 answers why a few ladies discover love while others don’t. If you find yourself in the wrong side of the court, without anyone who you would say is in love with you, you should not give up, rather be optimistic and keep your hopes high and love would find you.


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