If you cheat on me, i will fvck my own back – Nigerian lady writes


A popular facebook user known as Nkechi Bianze has taken to the platform to reveal the unique action she’d take in the event of finding out that her man cheated on her.

Nkechi is preaching equality when it comes to infidelity and she opined that although ‘cheating’ used to be her deal breaker, that stance has changed because she’d also carry out the same act fo good measures.

Her facebook post reads ;

I used to say cheating is my deal breaker. NOT any more. I changed my mind on that one too.

I will sha fuck my own back for good measures. This is a conditional given.

Don’t worry about STD… etc. That’s my problem. Let me worry about it. I’m sure you’ve got enough problems in your life to worry about. Leave my own problem for me.

This change of mind is still part of GROWTH.

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