Ghana’s dancing pallbearers feature on Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies


Remember the popular Ghanaian dancing pallbearers, who filled up memes earlier this year, well they just got a feature on Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies.

The pallbearers became a global spectacle during the COVID-19 lockdown earlier this year, as they filled up memes globally.

Just as it always is in this modern era, they don’t seem to be trending as they used to be months back, but don’t be mistaken, they are not forgotten.

A Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War developer, Treyarch has added the Ghanaian pallbearers as an Easter egg into the Zombies format in the form of the incredible coffin dance meme.

PCGamesN spotted the video of zombies performing the dance on the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War subreddit.

User LooperGamer shows you can even jump on top of the crate as they’re moving it as some of the dance music from Black Ops 4 plays in the background. You only get to see the dancing zombies for a split second as the gamer runs around erratically, but it’s enough to get the gag. The way to get this Easter Egg yourself is by playing Die Maschine.

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